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Casino party games offer a great opportunity for beginners to learn to play without the pressures of a real Las Vegas casino. For example, if you have ever been to one of our casino parties where there was a craps table, you may have heard some crazy phrases referring to the roll of the dice. Some do serve a purpose, but for the most part, they are said to add humor or spice things up. But just so you can get an idea of how the game works, we have outlined some basic craps call-outs. Below is a list that our dealers use or have heard in Las Vegas Casinos.

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Evander Holyfield at the Craps Table

List of Popular Craps Call Outs

Two: “Craps,” “two craps two,” ”snake eyes,” “push the don’t,” “eleven in a shoe store,” “double the bubble,” “two bad boys from Illinois.”

Three: “Craps,” “ace-deuce,” “ace caught a deuce,” ”three craps three,” “Acey-deucey, loosey-goosey.”, “Australian Yo (it’s the eleven down under)”.

Four: “Little Joe,” “little Joe from Kokomo,” “ace trey, the country way.” Hard Four: Ballerinas”, “hit us in the tutu,” “Hard Four.”

Five: “The field’s alive, after the five,” “thirty-two juice roll” (OJ’s jersey number), “fiver, fiver, racecar driver,” “Fever Fiver,” “catch the fever.”, “Fever Dice”

Six“2×4, the lumber number”, “Sixie from Dixie.”

Hard Six: “Two trees, the dog’s dilemma.” “Hard Six,” “Brooklyn bridge” “pair-o-treys, waiter’s roll,”

Seven: “Seven out, line away,” “Six One, you’re all done,” “Three Four, Out the Door,” “Cinco Dos, Adios,” “Three Four, we’re all poor,” “Six Ace, end of the race,” “Seven’s a bruiser, the front line’s a loser,” Five two, you’re all threw,” ”One roll, no butter” (a seven rolled right after making the point.) “, “Benny blue, you’re all threw,” two five, cant stay alive. “New shooter, Same amazing dealers.”

Eight: “Eight is Great,” “Eighter from Decatur,” Hard Eight: “Hard Eight,” “Dirty Hairy” “The square pair”, “Forty- four, pays more”.

Nine: “Centerfield Nine”, Niner Niner, Ocean liner,” Nina from Pasadena,” “Center of the garden,” “Jesse James.”

Ten: “The tallest one in the Joint, “the big one at the end” Hard Ten: “Hard Ten,” “Puppy Paws” “fifty-five to stay alive.”

Eleven: “Yo, leven”, “six-five, no jive,” “its not my eleven, its YO eleven.” “pays the field, pays the come, both gonna get you some”

Twelve: “Craps,” “boxcars”, “midnight”, “All the spots in all the dots”, “it’s a Twelve, Double the field,” “craps to the max.”

“R” Rated Call Outs

Two: “Pair of A-holes,” “Swallow the COME, spit twice on the FIELD”.

Three: “Acey- Ducey, juicy Lucy,” “Two pimps and a Hoe” “small ace and deuce, can’t produce

Four: “hard four, its small but it’s hard”

Five: “Fever in the whore house, run girls run.”

Six: “Up all night roll,” “Colombian Breakfast”, “National average”

Seven: “Three-four, get the F**K off the floor”

Eight: “It was soft, but at least you got ate (eight)”, Eight-Eight, everyone loves to get ate

Nine: “Nina Niner, wine her, diner her, take her home and 69er.”

Ten: “hard ten, ladies best friend”, “hard ten, ladies delight”, “tits in a window.”

Twelve: “Biggest pair you’ll ever see,” “Swallow the COME, spit twice on the FIELD”

Random Call Outs

The dealer’s job is to keep the game moving so these call outs are meant to make the game fun for players and keep them engaged.

  • Craps, every day begins with a good crap (a craps on the first roll)
  • If you can’t be good be fast, that’s what the ladies tell me (a seven rolled right after making the point.)
  • Dinner for two (when placing the six and the nine “69”)
  • Sounds like last night. I went to bed with a 10 and woke up next to a 4 (When a player asks to place the 4 and the 10)

When Players Asks How to Play

Players often ask the dealers how to play craps, and a lot of times; dealers will respond with a call out like the ones below:

  • You take ’em; you lay ’em, you place it, you COME.
  • You can’t COME when you’re turned OFF, but you can always play the FIELD; just don’t get caught.

Dice Off the Table Call Outs

When the dice are no longer on the table for you to throw, the dealer will call out with one of the following.

  • No good its in the wood
  • It’s in the cedar couldn’t read her
  • Over the lumber, no number
  • On the rail, I cannot tell
  • On the floor no more
  • Can’t call it for ya, it’s in the sequoia
  • They don’t play in the clay

Knowledgeable Dealers

When people first learn to play craps, these random phrases are confusing and overwhelming to players who have no idea what they mean. This is why having knowledgeable dealers who know the finer details of each game is beneficial for your guests. To ensure your guests have a good time playing, be sure to ask your rental company if they have dealers who can teach players. Let them learn how they should approach the game with a winning strategy. You want your guests to have a good time, and no one likes to lose all their money.

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