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The Roulette Table is a classic Las Vegas casino game that commands attention. With its large spinning wheel and the exciting betting process, roulette is a crowd-pleaser that all of your guests will be clamoring to play. 

Always popular with new and experienced players alike, the roulette table will easily become one of the most popular games at your party. Fun to play and fun to watch, the roulette table is an energetic and dynamic game that always draws a crowd. 

Roulette Table Details

Our professional-quality roulette tables are designed to accommodate up to twelve players at a time. Each table is built in the USA with the highest quality materials, to feel exactly like a real Las Vegas roulette table. Featured on TV and in professional tournaments, you can rest assured that our products are among the best in the industry. 

  • Each roulette table is designed to accommodate twelve players at one time. 
  • The table itself is 8ft x 4ft, but we recommend reserving an 11ft x 7ft space in total so that your guests have room to comfortably play the game. Roulette is a highly active game that attracts onlookers, so it is a good idea to leave enough room for a small crowd to gather and watch.
  • Our roulette tables are made from the highest quality materials, to replicate the experience and quality that you would expect from a Las Vegas casino. Each table is custom designed in the USA with vibrant casino speed felt, leather arms rests, wooden drink rails, cup holders, and wooden legs. Each table also comes with a beautiful, 27 Mahogany roulette wheel, made here in the USA.
  • Table rental packages include one thousand special chips just like the tables you are used to playing on in Vegas.

How to Play Roulette

A game of roulette begins with each player making a bet. The dealer spins a ball onto the spinning roulette wheel, and players can continue to place bets while the wheel spins until the dealer announces that there will be “no more bets”. Once the wheel stops spinning, the dealer will look and see if any players chose the correct section, number, or color. They will sweep the board of any losing bets, and then pay out any winning bets depending on the odds. 

There are two primary types of bets in Roulette 

  • Inside Bets: Are placed on one or more numbers. You can bet on a single number or up to six different numbers at a time. Inside bets have a higher payout, but a lower chance of winning. 
  • Outside Bets: Are placed on certain ranges, such as high-low, odd-even, red or black, and so on. Outside bets increase the probability that you will win but reduce the amount of your reward. For example, if you bet black-red or high-low, you have a 48% chance of winning, and the payout is equal to what you put in (even money). 

The Roulette Table is one of the most memorable experiences that people have in Las Vegas. Bring the excitement and energy of this fun and dynamic party game to your next big event, with our professional quality tables. 

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For an extra dash of excitement, we can also provide professional Las Vegas showgirls who will entertain your guests by posing for photographs and walking the casino floor. Dressed in authentic feather costumes, our showgirls are a beautiful addition to any casino night. 

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