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Gambling wheels are a fun, eye-catching addition to any casino-themed event. The money wheel is a fun, lightweight game of placing wagers that is easy for your guests to learn and play. The game comes with a standing wheel accompanied by a table that is large enough for 10 players to place their bets, and engage in the game. 

For guests who are looking to have a good time, The Money wheel is a low-strategy game that can easily become the life of the party. Bring this fun and engaging activity to your next casino party and give your guests something to remember. 

Our Money Wheel game can accommodate up to 10 players comfortably. The table itself is six feet by four feet, but we recommend a larger space so that your players can sit down and the dealer has room to operate the wheel. The money wheel itself is 6 feet tall and stands next to the table.

Product Details 

  • Plays up to 10 players comfortably
  • Dimensions for this table are 6x4ft. The total area needed (with players) is 8x5ft or 40sqft. 
  • The Money Wheel is 6 feet tall and stands next to the table

How to play

The Money Wheel is based on the classic Casino game Big Six. Players will place bets on different values ranging from $1 to $40. Lower values have higher odds of paying out, and higher values have worse odds. There are four Lucky stops on the wheel that multiply the amount of any win. The game pays out on a one-to-one basis, according to the odds of the bet, but if the wheel stops on a Lucky spot twice in a row, all players lose.

Why should you rent from us?

Over the past 16 years, we have created a respected national brand that stands above the competition. We are expert suppliers for poker tournaments and fundraisers, and our tables have appeared on TV, as well as music videos and professional events. 

All of our casino tables are made from high-quality materials, right here in the USA. We believe in giving our customers the best experience, and that starts by offering a product that is of the best quality, at the best price. If you would like to preview your rental, you can always visit one of our showrooms to take the product for a test drive. 

We can help you plan an event your guests will remember

Contact us to learn about our multi-table discounts, and to make sure that you have everything that you need to have a successful casino night party.  We can provide the script, dealers, bartenders, bar supplies, and anything else that you need to make the night a huge success. 

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