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Why is it important to have the same size, brand when hosting any casino events or holding a casino fundraiser? It may not seem much of a difference to have a 39 cm versus a 40 cm poker chip.

But that extra centimeter makes a difference in size, sometimes feel, and also in chip storage. How can guests tell if they are using low-end poker chips from China? At a glance it is hard to see a difference between a centimeter. A poker player may not be able to tell just by sight. However, they can tell by the way chips are loaded up in chip racks. Most authentic chip racks will hold 20 chips in a row. However, if using lower quality casino equipment, such as lower quality poker chips, only 19 chips will fit in a row on a chip rack.

Proper casino equipment makes casino night memorable

Organizers of a casino fundraiser want guests to leave because they’ve had a good experience using casino equipment during a successful casino night. No organizers wants to hear the dealer bent several of the playing cards or they do not shuffle correctly. Organizers want guests thinking about fun and not inferior casino equipment.

This is why professional organizers should buy professional poker cards and not cheap paper cards. While paper cards are cheap and cost roughly $5 a pack, they do not last as long as higher grade cellulose acetate plastic cards. Also, paper cards are more likely to bend, fold, and mark when used on table rentals for any casino night or casino fundraiser. This is why having the right casino cards is important at any casino events.

Cost may be worth trade-off for lasting quality high-quality playing cards

While some organizers planning casino events may think one deck of cards is like another. This is where inexperienced casino organizers hosting any casino fundraiser or simply a casino night are mistaken.

While casino night planners may balk at spending $30 for a set of quality cellulose acetate cards, these playing cards will keep their shape after being shuffled and will lie flat. They are also not easily marked or creased. Their 2-ply durability makes them a good choice in case any casino events’ guests accidentally spill drinks on the Blackjack deck or playing cards. Moisture may ruin regular paper cards, but not high-quality cards made of cellulose acetate. This is just casino equipment that can withstand spill after spill.

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